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Hey you traveling mavens, listen up. SANE wants to hear from YOU about your most inSANE travel moments. I’m talking about the stories you couldn’t post on that travel blog your grandma checked every five hours, the stories filled with debauchery, epic adventures, and moments you’ll never forget (but conveniently forgot about when your parents asked). Send these stories to Kari at kari@sanetraveler.com, and your story could be featured on SANE. Send us one even we think is outrageous, and we might have a little surprise for you.

And the details: I don’t want to read about your foreign affairs in DETAIL, so keep it classy, folks. Want it to be anonymous? Cool. Just remember to change the names of innocent parties, too.

Alright, start sending. I’m ready for you.

-SANE groupie - Jess

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SANE Pick!!! The Cupcakory


Cupcakes, cupcakes, cupcakes. We all love them, we all indulge, but we don’t all know about the Cupcakory. SANE Groupie Jess and I were at the SoWa Open Markets in the South End of Boston this past Sunday and stumbled on this adorable cupcake shop on wheels.


I had seen it before, but some how I’d always eaten just before happening upon the quaint little truck. Not really a description you’d normally give a food truck right? But look at the hanging plant! You can’t get more quaint than that.

Anyway, Jess was hankering for a cupcake so we decided to split one. I regretted it immediately after tasting it. I regretted it because it was the most delectable cupcake ever. I saw the mound of icing on top and was wary, usually that means I’m about to bite into a cavity in the making, but not this time.

This time the icing was light and creamy … buttermilk maybe? I’m not positive, but it suddenly made me go from only wanting to try one bite to wanting to bite Jess’ arm off for the rest of it.

You have to follow her twitter to know what she’s up to next (http://twitter.com/Cupcakory) as there is no store front for these baked treats. You can also email any questions to heybaker@cupcakory.com

Closing words are from Ms. Nora (who vouches for the vanilla cupcake while I vouch for the chocolate)

 ”elections got you in a tiff? HAVE A CUPCAKE

- The Pimp

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Nora’s Top 5 Boston Coffee Houses!!


1.       ERC - http://www.espressoroyaleboston.com/

  •  Why- the cappuccinos – baristas create awesome designs in my drinks, keeps me coming back…its homey and if you go there enough, it becomes a second home
  •  Perk - $1 epic Choco Chip Cookies

2.      Pavement - http://www.pavementcoffeehouse.com/coffee.html

  •  Why? Sister store of ERC that’s why, a lil more artsy and classy than ERC
  • Perk- when you order tea you can get an entire tea pot to pour and refill at your convenience!!!

3.  Boston Common Coffeehouse – my new find - http://www.bostoncommoncoffee.com/

  • Why? – the panini’s are to die for , esp the Salem, and then come with a side (bean salad FTW) all for under $7. I hear their quiches are to die for …mushroom quiche? I gotta try this.
  •   Perk- Their cappuccino’s have more espresso than other places so you actually feel like you get your moneys worth

4.  Trident Bookstore and Café - http://www.tridentbookscafe.com/

  • Why? It’s a bookstore with epic food and coffee that’s why!
  •  Perk: you can read and eat. I recommend their breakfast, A lil pricey but the fruit and granola won’t break the bank and will leave you stuffed and happy!

5.     Crema Cafe (Technically Cambridge) - http://cremacambridge.com/

  • Why? It’s Harvard Square’s cutest café if you ask me! Yes it is right in the center but go inside, this main street wonder is worth it. They brew their own coffee! YUM.
  • Perk: Their sandwiches are amazing, really cool combinations like Rosemary, Goat cheese and honey…COMEON! They also have really tasty pastries- I love their macaroons. It’s Harvard so it is a little pricey…but the atmosphere is awesome. Go with a friend and share!

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It’s Tuesday!

You know what Tuesday means … You know you want to recommend us quirky kids … Nora has a water gun and is not afraid to use it! ;)


The Universe’s Best Chocolate Chip Cookie


I’d like to thank Canto 6 for this taste bud rocking piece of nirvana. Now SANEtravelers, I am not a sweets person. My only weaknesses are tiramisu and chocolate chip cookies. Needless to say, I’ve sampled many of the latter in my life time.

We walked into Canto 6, having heard about it from time to time and sad that we hadn’t been there before. We got our coffee (thankful that they take credit cards) and that’s when I spotted this cookie, staring at me from under the glass. “Salted Chocolate Chip Cookie” hit every weak point in me (salt is my favorite thing ever). There was no second thoughts, even after having a rather filling lunch.

Nora picked up some macaroons and offered me some, but after one bit of this cookie, I had no interest in anything else. The cookie was perfectly soft and crunchy at once. It had the perfect ratio of chocolate chunks and just enough salt scattered on top to bring out the most amazing flavors.

I almost couldn’t finish but there was no way this cookie could go to waste. I gave a bit to Nora and she fell in love as well. I had largely forgotten my coffee (which was a lovely cup of equal exchange Love Buzz blend) I gulped it down, exciting to slap a SANE Approved sticker on the bulletin board outside.

So everyone, I recommend you go not only for this world altering cookie, but for the sandwiches and baked goods I am aching to go back and try. Read more about what SANE Exec Nora has to say go to www.sanetraveler.com/c/250-North%20America/t/297/s/3627/e/show/11379

Canto 6

Address: 3346 Washington St, Jamaica Plain MA 02130 Just a block away from the Green St. T stop on the Orange line

-Kari (The Pimp)

Becherovka: Nector of the Czech Republic


Yes ladies and gents, this is a post dedicated to the lovely Becherovka. This is a Czech herbal bitter (made in Karlovy Vary), that truly tastes like Christmas in a glass.Take this as a shot or throw it in some tonic for the traditional cocktail lovingly called a Beton.

To add to the majesty of Becherovka, only two people know the secrets of its production. 

After telling the SANE staff of the love my friends and I had for this nearly inexplicable alcohol, SANE’s own Saurav took up the cause scouring the east coast. There was initially no luck. I feared that after months of mentioning this deliciousness, I’d never be able to share. Then there was a break or two in the case. Saurav ordered it online, right before finding out a store in Shrewsbury, MA supplies the beverage. When I brought a bottle to my study abroad friends, they went nuts.

So all you homesick Prague kids in MA, flock to Shrewsbury (Austin Liquors) and get it while you can. Importing Becherovka goes through its ebbs and flows.

Also it can be found at Table and Vine in West Springfield.


Abandoned Silos Transformed Into a Climbing Gym (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
By: NL Architects


Abandoned Silos Transformed Into a Climbing Gym (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

By: NL Architects

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Tumblr Tuesday!

imageYou know what to do!